“Cassandra has been assisting Haxstrong with our community building efforts to bring a number of important resources to the International Community in Taiwan. These resources include finding appropriate legal assistance, expat health insurance and offering general advice and recommendations to our charity.

Cassandra has shown great enthusiasm and motivation in seeking out these resources and helping to make them available to people in both the Haxstrong community and the wider International Community that she is part of.

We are honoured to have her on our team and looking forward to working with her and helping to deliver more value to our network.”


Shaun Bettinson, Haxstrong, President, Taichung, Taiwan (United Kingdom)

Gregg Haxton, Haxstrong, Vice President, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (South Africa), 
Haxstrong Charity 高雄市漢斯壯慈善協會 – Facebook Page,
Haxstrong: http://haxstrong.org/

“Cassandra is a bright, outgoing, and well-liked member of the expat community here in Taichung, Taiwan. She is regularly an active member, and often helps in the organization of charity events thrown in the community. In fact, she has been a volunteer at a number of events which I organized, and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure everything runs smoothly.”


Shaun Armstrong, English Professor, Master’s Engineering Student, Artist & Performer, Taichung, Taiwan (United Kingdom)

“I have known, and loved Cassandra for many years! From the very first time we met, her openness, honesty and warm friendliness have shone through. Cassandra is a wonderful person to have in my life. I know that I can always rely on her for support, love, great advice and wholehearted enthusiasm! She’s amazing!”


Nadine Leonard, ESL Instructor, Mother and Friend, Taichung, Taiwan (New Zealand)

“I have known Cassandra for almost ten years as a friend, colleague and fellow expat who’s heavily involved in the community. When Cassandra sets her mind to something she fully commits always giving 110% until the goal is reached.

Cassandra has amazing organizational skills, having put together events at work, for charity, art exhibitions and even weddings and baby showers. Many of these events have been at the same time.

Using her excellent interpersonal skills and vast network, these events have gone off with little trouble and on, or under budget. If a problem arose, she used her ability to troubleshoot linguistically in both English and Chinese and professionally to solve it immediately with ease.

Cassandra is a friend I know I can count on and has always been willing to lend a hand when needed. When I returned to Taiwan she gave me a place to stay and helped organize a job and transportation. I am proud and thankful to have her in my life.”


Jessica Martin, Foreign Language Instructor, Future Heir Bilingual Elementary School, Taichung, Taiwan (Canada)

“Cassandra and I met through mutual friends during my time living in Taiwan. I was very fortunate to be in Taichung for nearly five years without an accident or the need for any communication with the Taichung Police Department. 

When the day came where I was hit by another car, which the driver was at fault for, and broke my arm, I was a bit distraught to deal with all the information coming to me. I was being told of what I needed to do, or pay, or who to see.

To my good fortune, Cassandra heard about my stresses and spoke with me for hours, calming my worries about the process I would have to go through. I was very surprised by her knowledge, Chinese language skills and her willingness to spend so much time helping me, answering my questions, and eventually setting up meetings for me with a lawyer. 

She has continued to check in on me and offer her support. I’m very grateful to have met her, and that she came to my rescue in a time of need, in a country where I, as a US citizen, did not know all of the laws.”


Kalee Sparr, English Director, Cornell Academy, Taichung, Taiwan (United States of America)

Cassandra is a valued member of the Taiwan community. She always goes the extra mile to help anyone in need. I have personally benefitted from her skills and expertise, as well as from her friendship.

Additionally, she has never hesitated to offer a helping hand with our Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan events, often traveling from the other end of the island to participate.

Cassandra has excellent interpersonal skills and she checks in regularly on her clients and the people she is helping.

From a personal perspective, Cass is one of the most supportive people I know. She has helped me greatly with navigating some personal challenges in my life and has always done so with a smile on her face.

She is knowledgeable, honest, supportive, and a very giving person. I recommend her services without hesitation. You can’t go wrong if you decided to work with Cassandra at Flight Path Immigration


Carrie Kellenberger, Chairwoman, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, MySeveralWorlds.Com, Taipei, Taiwan (Canada)

“Cassandra is a great friend and has always supported me when I host events in Taichung. She would selflessly help with the promotion of the event and regularly brought out a lot of people. Very popular and much loved in the expat scene, we’re looking forward to having her back full time after she completes her studies this summer. Until then, we are all supporting her and in admiration watching her pursue her dreams!” 


Rob Mallenzi, Urban Asia, Founder & Talent Acquisition Manager, Taipei, Taiwan (United Kingdom)

“A lovely caring person who has found her way for her life. She will do well, work hard and is an asset to the world.” 


Anne Leigh, Philanthropist, Mentor & Energy Healer, Cairns, Australia (United Kingdom)

“I taught Cassandra for the IELTS test that she needed to prepare for earlier this year. She sought me out through a mutual friend. She was an attentive and enthusiastic student. Of course, she had the English skills but needed some guidance on the actual format of the test. She worked hard, was a pleasure to teach, and was ultimately successful in her goal.”


Brett Lovell, IELTS Examiner & Instructor at UKEAS , Taichung, Taiwan (United Kingdom)

“Cassandra is a friendly, ambitious, and long-standing member of our expat community here in Taiwan. I’m very impressed that she has been actively pursuing higher education, working with great effort towards a degree in Immigration Law, all while studying Mandarin Chinese and working full time as an English teacher and coordinator at Shin Min High School Junior High here in Taiwan. 

It is rare to find people with this kind of motivation anywhere.

She also has a thirst for life. She is an active member of the local Taiwan dive community, and it is a pleasure to be able to join her on diving trips around the island. 

It is also easy to see from the many far-flung places that she has travelled to, like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Turkey, Croatia, and beyond, that she has a great appreciation for the beautiful and diverse things that life has to offer. 

I’m confident that Cassandra will be successful in whatever path she decides to take in life, and wish only the best in her future endeavors.”


Ken Merk, Military Aircraft Engineer & Diving Enthusiast, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (United States of America)

“As an active performer and DJ in the Taiwan community, I’ve often called on the support of Cassandra Brennan. Apart from the fact that we are both Canadian natives, I’m a fan of her energy and willingness to help with many of my events in and around the country of Taiwan.

She’s always been a reliable source. Whether it be helping with promotion and invites or just her presence alone; she’s always been willing to go above and beyond to assure the success of my events and many of my friends who are also trying to make a name for themselves in the industry.

Being an entertainer, we feed off the energy of those around us. Cassandra is instant energy. And it’s contagious.”


Aston Bishop, a.k.a. “FAMOUS”, International D.J., Performer & Master of Ceremonies, Taipei, Taiwan

“In the decade I’ve known Cassandra, I have always been able to count on her. Be it a money transfer, legal advice, or just a favor for a friend, she has always gone out of her way to help out. Which is not easy, considering I live in Thailand!

Throughout our professional relationship, Cassandra has always been committed to helping and when I call Cassandra it is with the confidence that she will not give up until she has solved my problem, to both of our satisfactions.

To add to our connection, Cassandra and I have both followed our hearts to different countries and on lots of adventures, but we have always kept in touch. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel together on several different occasions and to over 11 countries.

The most memorable being our month long adventure around Eastern Europe, which simply would not have been the same without her by my side.  I am grateful to have such a dedicated, hardworking, and adventurous friend in my life.”


Jena Matson, ESL Director, Bangkok, Thailand (United States of America)

“I have known Cassandra Brennan for nine years, and in that time have seen her demonstrate initiative and energy in support of a variety of social and community events here in Taichung, Taiwan. She has been an important part of the expatriate infrastructure here, and has contributed more than her share to its creation and maintenance in a place where everyone arrives a stranger and community is what we make of it.

As one example among many, in the early days of one of my own ventures, Formosa Comics, Cassandra along with a couple of her many collaborators, conceived of and organized our launch event. This included booking a venue and entertainment, advertising the event, planning a raffle, collecting donations, sourcing all the digital performance and musical equipment and handling an array of fine details that myself and my colleagues would have been ill-equipped to deal with. The event was pulled off smoothly and professionally, and I was witness to her tireless efforts in making it a success.

I have no doubt Cassandra has the drive and competence to succeed in any task she sets her mind and skill set to.”


Jon Renzella, Lei Studios 雷工作室, Founder & Publisher of Formosa Comics, 407台中市西屯區精誠路50巷37號 (+886 930 535 282), Taichung, Taiwan (United States of America), JRenzella Woodcuts: http://jrenzella.com/

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have Cassandra Brennan as a friend, and it’s an honor that she thought about me to write a letter of recommendation. 

On a personal level, I find her to be highly trustworthy, honest, and open minded. It’s always a pleasure to be in her presence – she has a positive outlook on life, and her passion for our shared community in Taichung City is contagious.

Without a doubt, as most people know, she is one of the most proactive and dynamic expats in the city. Cassandra is an outstanding and active person with a great commitment to community service. She selflessly cares about others in ways that are seldom seen these days. In our era of “me, me, me”, she stands out as that one person who is always ready to help at events, fundraisers, and other community events.

Her name is synonymous with initiative and resourcefulness. As founder and CEO of Pizza Rock Taiwan, after having dealt with hundreds of partners, suppliers, and employees, I have come to realize that the two most important qualities required to make a group stronger and perform at the highest level are, firstly, to have strong ethics, and secondly, to be driven and self-motivated.

Without a doubt, Cassandra has both of these qualities and I would personally not hesitate a second to welcome her in our organization. She has the character required to make any team better, and she most certainly has the potential to achieve greatness in whichever endeavour she decides to pursue.” 


Ugo Ortolano , Founder, CEO 創辦⼈,負責⼈ , Pizza Rock Taiwan 搖滾餐飲國際有限公司 , 台中市精誠路202號-2樓 0934280030, Taichung, Taiwan (Canada), Pizza Rock: http://www.pizzarock.com.tw/about-pizza-rock-taiwan.html

“I worked with Cassandra in a high school in Taichung. She is and was a very considerate and caring teacher, which made her popular with her students. Her enthusiasm was unmatched at our school, which caused her to be poached by better schools. I know Cassandra has a very high level of commitment to anything she sets her mind to and seems to effortlessly use her knowledge and network of friends to move the world.”


Scott Beaton, ESL Teacher, Taipei, Taiwan (Canada)

“I have known Cassandra for approximately ten years. During this time, Cassandra has shown her loyalty, dedication, passion, positivity, and enthusiasm in her friendships, employment & education, charity projects, and community based events. She has established herself as  a reliable and trustworthy member in the expatriate community and adds value to whatever endeavor she puts her mind to.

One charity and awareness campaign she assisted me with over the years were: raising money for rural and poor Cambodian school children we called, “Solstice of Hope”; and shark education and awareness to deter the purchase of shark fin soup. In both projects she offered her time, knowledge, interpersonal skills, and passion.

By becoming involved with these projects she helped us achieve our financial goals and educational awareness objectives. She was a valued team member and someone I would not hesitate to ask for assistance in any future projects.I have faith in Cassandra’s skills and attitude which allows her to accomplish almost anything she puts her mind to.”


Laura Mckenzie Yeh, Owner & Educator of Organic English , (+886) 913212066, Puli, Nantou, Taiwan (Canada)

“I have known Cassandra Brennan for over 20 years.  In this time I have seen her grow into someone who is dedicated, hard-working, and who achieves any goal she has set for herself.  She is original and creative and finds innovative ways to tackle projects and problems. 

Cassandra has shown leadership in the many things she has taken on and is always a kind, caring role model for those around her.  Cassandra is highly organized and reliable. 

She follows through with anything that is asked of her.  She is someone who, at any given time, I can call and she will immediately be there for whatever is asked of her. 

Cassandra is not afraid to take on any kind of task asked of her.  When faced with a challenge, she steps up and tackles it head on and always gives 110% to overcome the challenge. 

Cassandra is one of the most disciplined and punctual person I know. She works effectively and efficiently under the most stressful of situations and remains composed and competent, meeting any deadline given to her.  I am excited to see the things that Cassandra will accomplish in the future as I know she will succeed at anything she sets her mind to!”


Becky Jeffrey, Teacher, Upper Canada District School Board, 1 (613) 213 4802, Brockville, Ontario (Canada)

“During her time abroad, Cassandra has stayed in close contact with local immigrants, participating in and helping organize community events. We consider her more than equal to the challenge of consulting people on legal issues related to life abroad.”


Michael and Deirdre Farris, ESL Instructors & Community Enthusiasts, Taichung, Taiwan (United States of America)

“Cassandra Brennan was one of the first people I met upon moving to Taichung four years ago and, since that time, I have had the honor of knowing her as both a friend and a colleague.

In the workplace, Cassandra is an exceptionally fast learner. She approaches new situations with dedication and a steadfast work ethic. Because of this, she has proven herself to be a valuable asset to her supervisors and her coworkers alike.

As a friend, I can honestly say that Cassandra is one of the most loyal, giving, and passionate people I know. On countless occasions she has proven herself to be dependable and capable by utilizing her outstanding language, leadership, and interpersonal skills to help others and make a positive impact on her community. I am confident in Cassandra’s ability to overcome all future challenges with confidence, grit, and unwavering dedication.” 


Jessica A. Smith, ESL Instructor, Future Heir 普林斯頓幼兒園, Taichung, Taiwan (United States of America)

“I’m a professional musician living and working in Taiwan, and I’ve known Cassandra for almost 11 years. She’s always been very supportive of my work and the work of other artists, and is regularly involved in helping to organize events within the Taiwan expat community. Her enthusiasm and willingness to help out is vital to the smooth running of large gatherings for charity in Taichung, which can be quite hectic and demanding! “


Andy Goode, Andrew Goode Music, Musician, Performer, Artist, Writer, Entertainer & Friend, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (United Kingdom), https://www.facebook.com/andrewgoodemusic/  

“Cassandra is committed to her community and thrives on helping others and giving back. Her hard work and dedication for serving others is inspiring and she will always go the extra mile to help someone. Cassandra sets an example to others of what it is to be a leader and that we should always serve others before ourselves. I am confident that Cassandra will succeed in whatever she chooses to do in the future.”


Diane Gullage, Arbonne Sales Associate & ESL Teacher, Ireland (Canada), https://www.facebook.com/pg/dianegullageliving

“In all the time that I have known Cassandra she has always been ready to involve herself in organizational activities. She has constantly volunteered her time and expertise to many charities and fundraising events. The amount of dedication and commitment that she offers certainly makes her a number one choice for a person you can count on.”


Brahm Matthew Gawdan , Formosa Comics, President;  Performer, Author & Community Supporter, Taichung, Taiwan (Canada), Formosa Comics: https://www.facebook.com/FormosaComicsTaiwan/ 

“I have nothing but admiration for Cassandra’s commitment and hard work. She is not only a devoted and responsible teacher, but also a very conscientious person who has worked painstakingly on her studies. I have no doubt that she will approach her future career with the same passion she has given to teaching, and wish her luck in any endeavor she undertakes.”


Joanne Reid, Foreign Language Department Coordinator, Shin Min Senior High School, Taichung, Taiwan (Scotland)

“I have known Cassandra Brennan for more than five years and in that time, she has helped me tremendously with the events and activities that I’ve done with my promotions company, Frog in a Sock. Over the years, I’ve found her to be helpful to get the people of Taichung to rally around causes or events. In fact, she has come up with creative ways to help my events succeed many times. I find her a very trustworthy, loyal and gritty person, who is great addition to any team.”


Marcus Aurelius, Founder, Performer, Event Organiser & Author, Frog in a Sock Promotions, Taipei, Taiwan (Canada)

“I have known Cassandra for a little over two years. Not only is she determined to help friends whenever needed, she is also dedicated and devoted professionally. As a colleague, I can attest to her kindness and ability to speak English and Chinese in professional settings. I have had the privilege of seeing her work first hand in both of these languages within the community and inside the workplace. I have no doubt she would put forth her best effort every day to complete any task necessary.”


Haley Ware, ESL Teacher, Shin Min Senior High School, Taichung, Taiwan (United States of America)

“Living as a professional videographer in Taiwan I have had the pleasure of working closely with many skilled hands and minds, but few match the tenacity and commitment of my friend and dream-chasing peer, Cassandra Brennan.

I was lucky enough to work alongside Cassandra for the launch event of Taiwan’s much-loved Formosa Comics, and I was immensely impressed with how effectively and calmly she operated under a great amount of pressure. She was the un-sung star of the show, and through her organisational, promotional, and presentational skills she ensured that the evening was a resounding success for the company. I would work with Cassandra again in a heartbeat, and I’ve no doubt that her ambitious, determined, and disciplined mindset will bring her great success in her field.”


David A. Martin, Videographer, Founder & ESL Teacher, Taichung, Taiwan (Ireland), David A. Martin: www.davidamartin.net; Formosa Comics Video: https://vimeo.com/183976417

“Cassandra is a bright and motivated person. When she is in charge of something, be it an event or just a small get together you can count on things running smoothly. She is a strong leader that uplifts those around her. Cassandra is compassionate and understanding. She is always working to make those in her community feel as they belong. Over the three years that I have known Cassandra I have gained great respect for her. She is goal oriented and focused. She is eager to learn and push herself above and beyond. Cassandra studies hard and focuses on the tasks at hand. Her motivation  has inspired me to excel more in my own life. I feel lucky to have met Cassandra.” 


Kate Bappe, Artist & Active Community Supporter & Elementary English Teacher – Knowledge Tree, Taipei, Taiwan (United States of America)

“I have been living in Taiwan for a decade and I have only met a handful of people on the island that have been able to motivate and inspire the local community in such a meaningful way.  Cassandra impresses me enough to put her in this elite group of individuals, from her organisation of charity campaigns, musical and art exhibitions to her enthusiastic effort to promote her friends endeavours. It is because of this I am sure Cassandra will excel in her future endeavors just as she has in the past.” 


Andrew MacDonald, a.k.a “Hank Truck”, CEO, Artist & Co-author of Formosa Comics & Iconic Figure in the Community, Taichung, Taiwan (Canada)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Cassandra for the past seven years in which we were introduced via the underwater world of scuba diving here in Borneo. Initially only booking the basic open water license, Cassandra stayed on during her holidays, and two other trips in the following winter and summer, determined and successful in her goal of becoming a PADI, Master Instructor (PADI #295748). During this time I learnt much about Cassandra and how she is without a doubt, a fine and true passionate professional of the marine ecosystem and representative of PADI both in the water and above it. Cassandra is a shining star, funny, caring, intelligent and I hope the very best for her in her future endeavours.”


Mark Hedger, PADI Course Director, Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia (United Kingdom)

“This letter is regarding the free advice and support that Cassandra Brennan offered my wife (Danielle Perrault) and I (Daniel Quinn) before we sent in our application for my wife to sponsor me and immigrate from Taiwan to Canada. Seeing that she was still studying to become a consultant and unable to take full control of the process since she wasn’t yet qualified, she provided us with links and suggestions that would support our application and provide the best chance for success.

When we made the decision to begin the new chapter of our lives, we looked at the long lists of requirements and daunting prospect of immigrating to Canada, and though she couldn’t yet prepare our applications, she assisted in providing guidance of things that were important useful and we could include in our application to make it more complete.  After her help, the process went much smoother and our application was successful within ten months!

I am a British citizen who lived in Taiwan for ten years, while Danielle is a Canadian citizen who had spent four years in Taiwan. We met each other in Taiwan, fell in love and decided to marry. We were friends with Cassandra as we lived in the same city and she is the person every goes to for almost anything. Knowing the kind of network and ease in with she communicated in Chinese, we jumped at the chance to ask her for help. “Wedding Planner Extraordinaire” as I call her these days, Cassandra was instrumental in organising our wedding party in Taiwan. She agreed to help us, despite being super busy at her full time job and studying for this course, because she can speak Mandarin fluently. She organised everything from calling the city government to have the grass cut at the venue and the full decoration and procurement of all the fine details down to the last minute of the best night of our lives, which would not have happened without her help.

In both situations, Cassandra shows that she is a caring, unselfish and supportive person. I saw first-hand that she is organized and has a great communication skills. I really could not praise her enough and will be forever indebted to her.”


Daniel Quinn and Danielle Perrault, Sports Coach & ESL Language Teachers, Toronto, Ontario (United Kingdom & Canada)

“I met Cassandra 7 years ago on Mantanani Island in Borneo. I arrived on the island with a group of peers, brought together by Camps International, the aim was to complete beach clean ups and to build a beach shop. The rest of the group began to take part in a PADI scuba diving course, due to my extreme phobia of water I had already accepted that this wasn’t something I would be able to do. This is where Cassandra came in – she oozes courage so much she managed to ipass some onto me! On numerous occasions, I explained I couldn’t face doing the course, rather than allowing me to give up, she was tenacious, she clung onto the fact that I could do it, I just wasn’t allowing myself to. She gave me extra one to one support, she made me feel safe in the water which is usually an extremely scary place for me. The determination and positivity displayed by Cassandra is the reason why I am now a PADI qualified scuba diver. She is truly an inspirational woman.”


Katie Johnston, Mother & Complaints Team Manager at Santander UK PLC , Bradford, United Kingdom

“I have know Cassandra for 18 years. In that time she has shown herself to be sincere, friendly, driven, and highly motivated friend and confidant. She puts everything into what she is doing, however large or small. I have seen this on display through her travels, her love of teaching children, diving, figure skating, and just knowing her as long as I have. 

She networks with warmth and confidence, as her friendly and sincere demeanor always puts people at ease. She exudes pride and love for her new home, Taiwan, which clearly comes across when I have spoken to her about her upcoming permanent plan of residence there. She has a big heart, is very hard working, loyal, and wants the best for Taiwan and its people. 

I have no doubt in my mind that Cassandra will succeed and thrive in any professional endeavor she undertakes, and be an asset to any client or organization that employs her.”


Tom Valentine, Luxe Bistro, Manager/Supervisor , Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

“I have known Cassandra for ten years now and consider her a lifetime friend. When Cassandra sets her mind to something she works hard until she achieves this. I have seen this in work as a kindergarten, elementary and high school ESL teacher and also in her experience as a dive master and diving instructor. In both these areas Cassandra has excelled. Cassandra is a great people person and a cheerleader and supporter of those around her. I have been honoured to be her friend these past ten years and look forward to seeing what successes she achieves in the future.”


Kayt Bronnimann, Photographer, Adventurer, Mentor & Friend, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (New Zealand) 

“I have known Cassandra for a few years, and in that time I have been lucky to work alongside her in organizing and delivering different events, including art exhibitions, product launches and charity collections. Cassandra has a logical, uncomplicated approach to such things, effectively delegating and organizing operations to deliver the end result successfully. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, as she possesses fantastic interpersonal skills, both motivating and encouraging others to achieve their goals. She works well under pressure and her work ethic means that having Cassandra on your team is equal to having three people. She is also truly one of the nicest people I have met, and has shown time and time again that she will go to extreme measures to help those who need it. The diversity of her friend base is a much more powerful testament to her personality and the way she treats others than any words of mine could do justice. She is also very single-minded in that, once she sets her sights on achieving a goal, she will do everything in her power to make this a reality, never losing sight of the finish line. I am proud to know her, even prouder to call her a friend, and I know that, whatever she sets her mind to, her intelligence, calmness, personality and drive will ensure that it is a roaring success.”


Dave Lowe, Music Producer, D.J., Bassist, Author & P.E. Instructor, Taichung, Taiwan (United Kingdom)

“Cassandra Brennan and I have been good friends for around 4 years now. During this time I have seen her go above and beyond to organise or provide assistance with coordination of execution of various events in our community island wide. These include charity fundraisers, book launch parties, art exhibitions, travel excursions, baby showers and weddings.

Most recently she has taken on the role as my event planner, and is helping me organize and coordinate my own wedding party. She worked on a short time frame and a small budget, but in pure “Cass” style as we say, still managed to pull everything together, even with many last minute changes thrown at her. She carried out negotiations in Chinese; something I would not be able to do on my own, and ensured I got everything that I wanted to make it a special and memorable day for both me and my husband, and all the guests attending the celebration. She is committed to helping others no matter what they may ask of her and I truly believe that providing these moments and effectively services to others, is her true passion in life.”


Keshnee Mudaly, Athletic Organiser, Marathon Goddess, Community Enthusiast, ESL Instructor & Friend, Taichung, Taiwan (South Africa & Australia)

“Cassandra has studied at Taichung Language Center for 6 hours every week for the last six years for a minimum of six hours every week. During the classes she has a good attitude and studies very hard. Even though she isn’t a full time learning student, she still consistently improves her Chinese and is not afraid to put it to practical use outside the classroom.

Her writing and reading abilities are weaker but she is able to understand restaurant menus, basic types of business and other necessary words to live and work independently and confidently in Taiwan. Her speaking and listening are at an advanced level and lately she has shown a lot of interest in developing her vocabulary with more business and legal terms that will not doubt assist her in her future career as an immigration consultant. 

Cassandra has a genuine love for Chinese customs, culture, which motivates her to frequently use her skills to communicate with Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese people whenever possible.  Overall her I can confidently say that uses the Chinese language at an intermediate level but has already expressed her plans on preparing for the National Chinese Exam [TOCFL – Band B, Level 3/(2482 words) this coming November] and [TOCFL – Band B, Level 4/(4960 words) by the spring of 2019. This would be an amazing accomplishment as most students seek to learn but never pursue a formal test of their skill set or comprehension.

She is very dedicated to learning Chinese and I look forward to class with her each and every week. I know Cassandra’s enthusiastic for learning will never diminish and I can see the pride she takes in improving herself in all areas of her life. It has and is my please to guide her through her studies of one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.”


Teresa Tian, Taichung Learning Center, Owner & Founder, Taichung, Taiwan

Before I even knew Cassandra was taking the Canadian Immigration Officer program, I happened to mention to her that I wasn’t allowed in Canada due to a DUI I have on my record in the states. She immediately said that in a year she would be happy to help me as a client when she finished the program. As I’ve watched her progress it’s easy to see how enthusiastic she is about what she is doing and how much she has learned and grown as a person. I’m not just excited to be her client to utilize the expertise she has acquired but am proud of all she has accomplished.


Benjamin Tacheny – My FIRST Client, The Uptowner Taichung LLC, Owner/Operator, Community Supporter, Taichung, Taiwan (United States of America & China), Uptowner: https://uptowner.com.tw/

“本人執業律師十多年,在法學領域有許多合作的經驗,而Cassandra 搬是個法律邏輯思考力敏捷,觀察細微,反應迅速的學習者,又有良好的組織領導能力是一個 相當值得推薦的對象,敬請栽培。”

順頌, 敬褀


“I have practiced with lawyers for more than a decade and have a lot of experience in cooperation in the area of law. Cassandra is a quick thinking person with legal logic. Observing subtle, responsive learners and good organizational leadership is a worthy recommendation. Please cultivate.”


Mr. Styx S.C. Su – My HERO, Partner, Hsu, Chung & Partners, Legal Representative, Supportive Partner & Mentor, Taichung, Taiwan

I would personally like to thank everyone who took the time to write such wonderful words about me and the impression I have left. I am truly grateful and amazed at the legacy you have all described as my presence and the love you have for me. I can never thank you enough and I will continue to be tenacious and driven for my own pursuit of happiness, but now with an even bigger responsibility to continue to inspire, learn, help and be a knowledgeable Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, to anyone I meet.  

Cassandra Brennan




Flight Path Immigration, RCIC #531447

Founder & CEO

24F-C1, 307 Taiwan Blvd, Section 2, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan, 403台中市西區臺灣大道二段307號24樓, (Ontario, Canada)