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Flight Path Immigration helps people of all nationalities with their Canadian immigration and citizenship needs.


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Flight Path Immigration is the culmination of a personal goal to do something more, by helping people along the journey of making their aspirations, their reality. In addition to my training and knowledge of Canadian immigration pathways, my cultural experience living in Asia and abroad over the last decade allows me to relate to the excitement and never ending questions of my clients seeking to pursue their dreams of immigration.


Cassandra Leigh Brennan 

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (#R531447)

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Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Services include:


Temporary Visas: We assist with work visas, student visas and tourist visas.


Permanent Residency: We assist with applications through numerous pathways.


Citizenship: We assist with applications for citizenship for all pathways.


Skilled Workers: We assist federal skilled and trade workers attain their work permits, LMIAs, etc..


Family Sponsorship: We assist with sponsorship of your spouse, dependent children, adoptions, and other special circumstances. 


Business Visitors: We assist all short-term business visas, transfers and speciality training.


Investor Programs: We assist investors with their applications in constantly changing programs available.


Caregiver Program: We help caregivers with their immigration applications when they have a job offer in Canada.


Provincial Nominee Programs: Our team stays up-to date with all the provincial programs open in Canada.


Criminal Inadmissibility: We assist with rehabilitation, record suspension, TRPs and ARCs.


Refugees: We assist any person seeking refuge in Canada. We also assist with appeals and detentions.





“I was very surprised by her knowledge, Chinese language skills and her willingness to spend so much time helping me, answering my questions, and eventually setting up meetings for me with a lawyer.”

~ Kalee S, Cornell Academy

“Cassandra is a bright, outgoing, and well-liked member of the expat community here in Taichung, Taiwan. She is regularly an active member, and often helps in the organization of charity events thrown in the community.”

~ Shawn A, Engineer

“Cassandra has been assisting Haxstrong with our community building efforts to bring a number of important resources to the International Community in Taiwan. These resources include finding appropriate legal assistance, expat health insurance and offering general advice and recommendations to our charity. Cassandra has shown great enthusiasm and motivation in seeking out these resources and helping to make them available to people in both the Haxstrong community and the wider International Community that she is part of.”

~ Shaun B, Haxstrong President

“In the decade I’ve known Cassandra, I have always been able to count on her. Be it a money transfer, legal advice, or just a favor for a friend, she has always gone out of her way to help out. Which is not easy, considering I live in Thailand!”

~ Jena M, ESL Director

“Without a doubt, Cassandra is one of the most proactive and dynamic expats in the city. Cassandra is an outstanding and active person with a great commitment to community service.”

~ Ugo O, Founder and CEO, Pizza Rock

“I have known Cassandra Brennan for nine years, and in that time have seen her demonstrate initiative and energy in support of a variety of social and community events here in Taichung, Taiwan. She has been an important part of the expatriate infrastructure here, and has contributed more than her share to its creation and maintenance in a place where everyone arrives a stranger and community is what we make of it.”

~ Jon R, Founder and Publisher of Formosa Comics

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