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Flight Path Immigration – Letter from Our CEO and Grand Opening Gallery

With a passion for law and immigration, our sincerest thanks to all for celebrating Flight Path Immigration’s Grand Opening only month ago. Flight Path Immigration is a product of hard work, tenacity, patience and love. We look forward to working with those who seek our guidance throughout their Canadian immigration application process. 

Flight Path Immigration About Us
Thank you for making our Grand Opening a huge success!

A letter from our CEO

On behalf of the team, I would like to personally express our immense gratitude for your individual contributions towards making Flight Path Immigration a reality. We are exceptionally humbled knowing how many people believe in us and our vision.

在此謹代表團隊,我想親自傳達這莫大的感激之情給予每一位有所貢獻而造就Flight Path Immigration成真的你們。我們非常謙遜的知悉有許多人相當信賴我們的團隊與遠見。

Cassandra Leigh Brennan - Flight Path Immigration
Cassandra Leigh Brennan, CEO of Flight Path Immigration

To my team: 致我的團隊

Amy Marie Gray, Chief Operations Officer, you’re my right-hand, you never waver in your devotion, commitment and enthusiasm to Flight Path Immigration’s core values. This is seen in your efforts to ensure our company, employees and clients feel valued and supported. 

營運長Amy Marie Gray,妳是我的得力助手,妳對核心價值所展現的忠誠、奉獻及熱忱從未動搖過;這點從妳努力地確保我們公司、員工們及客戶們皆受重視及協助就看得出來。

COO, Flight Path Immigration
Amy Gray,
Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Su, for being my “貴人”, oracle, legal advisor, and most of all, for his steadfast support from the very beginning. Without you, I would never have been able to navigate my way through the complexity of two different laws, in two different languages, in two different cultures, two countries thousands of kilometers apart.


Mr. Su,
Legal Advisor

Colleen, you’re an integral part of our team due to your experience as a businesswoman, impressive management skills, and most of all, your resourcefulness when it comes to getting things done.

黃靜君 ,妳是我們團隊中不可或缺的一員。當事情必須完成時,我們需仰賴妳身為女商人的豐富經驗及令人敬佩的管理技巧,最重要的是,妳的足智多謀。

Colleen Huang

And finally, to my intern Grace, who tirelessly helps us every day. You play the role of translator, assistant, and link between cultures, fueled by your passion for learning and the chance to be a part of our “dream” team. 


Thank you for putting the ‘team’ in teamwork. 感謝你們於我們的團隊中體現真正的團隊合作。

Opening a business can be fraught with its share of difficulties and setbacks But it is clear that we are surrounded by a global community whose support and advice have influenced our success to this point. Especially in this ever-changing world of uncertainty, we  are strong in the knowledge there is a village of people surrounding us. 


Flight Path Immigration is a tangible example that dreaming big is not only achievable, it is an invaluable opportunity to create strong partnerships with those who share our desire to inspire fellow dreamers. 

Flight Path Immigration是一個真實的例子,展現出遠大的夢想不止可以達成,同時也擁有珍貴的機會去與那些跟我們一樣有相同渴望的人們創造深厚的合作關係,並鼓舞與我們同樣的夢想家們。

Our ultimate goal at Flight Path Immigration is to pay forward the positive momentum and passion we have into each of our clients. We aspire to provide the highest level of quality service, by remaining up-to-date, knowledgeable and educated on the potential Canadian immigration pathways suitable to their unique situation and, ultimately, their dreams. 

Flight Path Immigration的終極目標是對我們每一位客戶傳遞正面的力量及熱情。我們渴望藉由持續提供任何潛在的加拿大移民途徑最新資訊及相關知識,而給予最高品質的服務,使這些途徑適用於所有客戶的特別情況,最終,達成每位客戶的夢想。

We did this together! From the bottom of my heart, it is my pleasure as Flight Path Immigration’s very own Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, to express our sincerest appreciation to all our family, friends, colleagues, and cheerleaders who celebrated this momentous occasion with us in person and oceans away.

是我們一起完成的!我衷心認為這是我的榮幸成為Flight Path Immigration的加拿大移民管理顧問、創辦人及總裁,我要對我們這個大家庭、朋友們、同事們以及與我們一起在現場或千里之外慶祝這個重要時刻的啦啦隊們,表達最誠摯的感謝。

Cassandra Leigh Brennan

Flight Path Immigration

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Founder & CEO

Welcome to Flight Path Immigration. Meet our CEO, Cassandra Leigh Brennan. Flight Path Immigration helps people of all nationalities with their Canadian immigration and citizen needs.


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