November 28, 2019 / by Flight Path Immigraton

Biometrics collection and screening and identity management

Biometrics collection and screening and identity management

Understand why, where and when you are required to provide biometrics and the IRCC’s guidelines for the protection and use of this information.

“Effective identity management and risk assessment tools, such as biometrics, are critical in combating fraud, managing the movement of people and protecting Canada’s security interests. The following web pages contain key guidelines and procedures for establishing and verifying the identity of applicants.

Biometrics collection and screening

Biometrics, specifically fingerprints, is used to establish the identity of applicants at the time of an application and as a program integrity tool. The following web pages provide context for users to understand the policy, its use and the disclosure rules associated with biometrics at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Learn more.”

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